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DNA Cascais


DNA Cascais is member of BICS – Association of Business Centres and Portuguese Innovation, National Association of Business Innovation Centres in Portugal, an nonprofit institution, representative of the Portuguese BICS, either nationally or internationally .

Its mission is to enhance synergies among all BIC ‘s Portuguese, recognized by the European Union and reaffirm its role as a major Regional Development and National Instruments, the level of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Creation and modernization of “PME’s”.
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DNA Cascais is a member of the European Business Network. The EBN – European Business Network is an European network that brings together about 150 BICS (business and innovation centers) with quality certification and 100 other organizations that support the development and growth of innovative entrepreneurs and “PME’s” in their early stages. The EBN is also a community of professionals whose daily work is based on the support of these companies providing a more effective, efficient and sustainable growth.
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With headquarters in Brussels, with over 115 members, EBAN is the European level about 20 thousand investors in new companies, from 27 countries. Its emeritus president, Paulo Andrez, is the non-executive director of DNA Cascais.

EBAN is a non-profit association of business angels, created in 1999 with the support from the European Commission and whose mission is to represent the business angels (and their associations) in the markets and European policies, identify and share best practices and promote the role of business angel in supporting entrepreneurship.

The Business Angels Club of Cascais is an associate member of EBAN.


The Founder Institute of Silicon Valley Program is the largest accelerator in the world of startups.

Recognized internationally, this program has been developing since 2009 a post-employment entrepreneurship model that has contributed to the creation of more than a thousand companies and 10,000 jobs in 55 cities across the globe. It is thus fully in line with the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem developed by DNA in the municipality of Cascais, becoming this one of the places where replication is likely to be successful.

With a mission to globalize the model of Silicon Valley, contributing to the creation of a sustainable ecosystem of innovative startups, the Founder Institute follows the learning by doing methodology. It offers a four-month training program that allows entrepreneurs to create and leverage your company so structured post-employment regime. Throughout the course participants develop practical actions for business creation, receiving mentoring CEO’s of large companies, like Peter Window (CEO of WyGroup) and Pedro Bizarro (Chief Science Officer of Feedzai). They pass also have privileged access to startups contacts and experts, exclusive partner information and events based in Silicon Valley.


DNA Cascais is partner of Business Incubation Centre of the European Space Agency in Portugal (ESA BIC Portugal ), coordinated by IPN – Pedro Nunes Institute, and a co-partner UPTEC . This program was launched in late 2014, being one of the 13 current ESA hatcheries in Europe. In this structure are backed startups applying technology developed for the space in sectors such as health, transport, energy, safety and urban life. Last year, the ESA BIC Portugal has selected six startups (Active Aerogels, Airborne Projects, D- Orbit PT, Eye2Map , InanoE and Space Layer Technologies) , and less than half a year, had already reached the goals set for the first year.
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DNA Cascais is a promoter of CINet – Creative Industries Network of Entrepreneurs. This is an innovative design and creative entrepreneurship that integrates the Leonardo da Vinci program of the European Commission, whose partner universities, organizations and venture capital companies.

The CINet Project is in action since October 2013, having as main objective the promotion of entrepreneurship networks in the creative industries between the countries of southern Europe ( Portugal , Greece and Spain ) , from the lessons that could study and export, innovative and creative spaces in other European regions and in this case , the Lace Market in Nottingham (UK).
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