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DNA Cascais

The partnership project between DNA Cascais and Junior Achievement Portugal, enables DNA Cascais Entrepreneurial Schools program to reach a larger number of students, schools and teachers, making it possible to respond to the various age groups, particularly the students from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd cycles of education ,and high school.

The objective of this project is to promote and further develop the personal and social skills of all students involved, using creativity, initiative, teamwork, problem solving and accountability. In order to achieve this result, the educational programs of Junior Achievement Portugal are used for this purpose. The programs are created and adapted to the school year. They are the following:

  • The family;
  • The community;
  • Me, Europe;
  • My business;
  • Economics for Success;
  • The company;
  • Right arm.

In order to be sucessfull this project needs the collaborative work and cooperation of schools, teachers and volunteers. The latter are an essential element in completing this project on site, as they are the ones that streamline the sessions in the schools, along with the groups that signed up. Volunteers are people who are already in the labor market and offer some of their time to go to schools, and help the students develop their chosen program. We provide to all volunteers  training in the various programs, so that they feel qualified and are able to successfully run their sessions.

This cooperation between business community and schools is very important. Volunteers have a great impact on the students, bringing situations / real examples from the business world into the classroom, sharing their experience and knowledge, and that can be of the upmost importance in the acquisition and construction of skills.

For high school students, this project ends in a Fair / Contest named “Feira Ilimitada”, where selected students have the opportunity to present to a jury the work that has been developed by them throughout the year.