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DNA Cascais

The development of the entrepreneurial mindset is fundamental. Not only on the business opportunities development context, but also in developing a critical and differentiating way of thinking, allowing the creation of new answers to the challenges of mankind.

Developed in partnership with Associação Inspirar o Futuro, DNA Career Camp is a career planning program for young people who want to make a difference in the labour market. In a creative way, we will focus on the development of the skills most sought after in the market. The program intends not only to develop their capacities, but, also, to put young people inside the companies, so they can experience the tasks of several jobs.

The program has the duration of 2 weeks. The first one for training and the second for practice in the partner companies. In the first week 20 young people, who were selected, have to create their identity as the future worker, develop their abilities and have the necessary motivation for the following week. They have to go through 3 main points:

  • Defining my brand: Through our values, assets and reality, so we can position ourselves in the market in a distinctive way. They will need to complete the sentence: “a company will hire me and not somebody else because…“
  • Being a step ahead: It’s not enough for the tasks to be well done. It is necessary to understand that our job has an impact on the other elements of the organization, as well as implications if our job is not done.
  • Winning followers: No one has sucess by himself only. In order for us to be recognized in the labour market, we will need someone who believes in our value, who will support us and recommend us. So, how should we communicate?

Young people will be divided by 5 different professional interest areas. In each area, young people will visit 4 companies of the county of Cascais, one per day, getting to know 4 different jobs in the same area.