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DNA Cascais

Residents in Cascais, especially young people, have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, resulting in high levels of Creativity, Competitiveness and Innovation.


According to some estimates, creative industries are more important to the City of London than financial services.
Dr. Risto Penttilä, Finnish Business and Policy Forum


Competitiveness will be determined by a nation’s ability to mobilize, attract, and retain human creative talent.
Prof. Richard Florida, Host of the Memphis Manifesto Summit


– The Bilbau Effect: “The Guggenheim Bilbao had another magnificent year, despite the global downturn in the post 9/11 tourism sector“.
Over 930 000 visitors in Forbes

– “The renowned Finnish mobile company represents approximately 1/3 of the GDP growth in Finland. They often proclaim ‘Thank God we have Nokia’. The effect brought by the success of this meta-national firm was tremendous”.
Erkko Autio

There is a significant lack of opportunities for young people nationwide, as demonstrated by the 20% unemployment rate in those age groups. Young people in Cascais are willing to take chances to seek new ways to accomplish their goals. It is important to ensure that they all have the necessary conditions to dream, project and achieve innovating, unique, ground-breaking projects and, above all else, to help them think differently and to be bold when creating, as to help them build their future. Cascais must assume its leading role in terms of economic, social and environmental progress.