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DNA Cascais

The intervention of DNA Cascais in supporting business plan optimization and mitigation of risks associated with the project is based on a methodology which consists of a high involvement of entrepreneurs in the whole process.

DNA Cascais has a first meeting with the entrepreneur, in order to understand what your business idea is, if it is in a still early stage or an already mature stage as well as the profile and background of the entrepreneur and their suitability to the project being developed.

At that meeting some guidance is given to entrepreneurs so that they can start the risk mitigation process associated with the project and send the instruments of support for the development of the business plan, which must be drawn up by entrepreneurs and later sent to DNA Cascais to its analysis and suggestions for improvement.

While the entrepreneur draws up its business plan, it should at the same time develop all necessary actions in order to mitigate the risks associated with the project you want to implement.

After the development of this work by the promoter, further meetings will be held with DNA Cascais in order to finish up the whole process.