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It is aimed at innovative and differentiated projects, which present significant growth potential in the global market.

1. Portugal Ventures

A. Call Program For Entrepreneurship

Characteristics of Projects:

  • Innovative and differentiating, which present significant growth potential in the global market and are implementable with available resources.
  • Positioned in international value chains, oriented product (tradable goods and services), and based on scientific and technological R & D internationally referenced.
  • Representative of a unique initiative of the promoters as holders of all legal rights. Companies must have their headquarters in Portugal.

Privileged target sectors:

  • TICE & WEB (Information Technology, Communications and Electronics, Technologies and concepts for social web).
  • Life Sciences (biotechnology, new technologies, products and services for health care, medical equipment and devices).
  • Endogenous Resources (Energy, Agrifood, Forest and Sea), Nanotechnology and Materials.
  • Technological Innovation for Tourism (Innovative services and complementary products to the traditional offer of national tourism).

Stage projects:

  • Projects Pre-Seed phase which have already completed the development of a working prototype to enable validating the application of technology and / or business idea, which have preliminary evidence of their acceptance by the market even further have not made sales.
  • Seed stage in projects that already have some customers that are looking for funding to expand its activity.
  • Project Start-up phase and Growth who already have a product range and customer base, consolidated in the domestic market and are looking for investment for the international expansion of its activities and / or to increase its range of products.

Investment of Portugal Ventures, through venture capital funds (VCF), could amount to a value of 750,000 euros, with an average indicative amount of 300,000 euros per project. The value of this financing will represent up to 85% of total funding needs of each project, being conducted over two years in accordance with the goals previously set.

DNA Cascais supports the entrepreneur in preparing the business plan with a view to applying for the program.
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B. Programme + Innovation + Industry

Directed to businesses and entrepreneurs from more traditional sectors of the economy, with the aim of promoting business spin-offs and increase the innovation capacity of SMEs in order to meet the challenges of national industry and make it more global and competitive.

Project features:

  • Aim the production of goods, equipment or services for the modernization and / or innovation in traditional sectors of the economy.
  • Present a technology / product “industrializable ‘.
  • Based on proprietary and / or where the promoters have participated in its development and / or obtained the licensing of intellectual property technology.
  • Scalable nature of Output in the global market as a means of obtaining critical mass and competitiveness.

Privileged target sectors:

  • Agro – industrial (including agricultural production, processing, packaging and distribution).
  • Fashion (including textiles and footwear).
  • Forestry (including paper, wood and cork).Habitat (inclui cerâmica, mobiliário, produtos metálicos e construção).
  • Chemistry (includes plastics and raw materials for industry).
  • Production Technologies (includes machinery, production systems and molds).
  • Mobility (includes components for vehicles).

Projects of the stage:

  • Seed phase Project – Introducing a technology / product “industrializable ‘with prototype that allows validate the application of technology and / or business idea and present prospects and are looking for funds to prepare the start of operation.
  • Project Start-up phase and Growth – What already have a range of products and a base of interested customers and are looking for capital to consolidate and develop new products, launch and expand into new markets.

Investment from Portugal Ventures to 1.5M € (indicatively), a minority holding, in tranches and based on a development plan.

DNA Cascais supports the entrepreneur in preparing the business plan with a view to applying for the program.
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2. Other Risk Capital Companies with which the DNA Cascais collaborates, to submit entrepreneurial projects

DNA Cascais supports the entrepreneur in preparing the business plan with a view to applying for the program.