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DNA supports and promotes Business Angels in entrepreneurial projects. On this note, DNA signed a protocol with the Cascais Business Angels Club, member of the Business Angels National Federation (FNABA) andEuropean Business Angels Network (EBAN).

What are Business Angels?

A Business Angel is no angel, but can save a good business idea. For those who have the ideas but lack the funding, these types of investors can be the solution. A Business Angel focuses on emerging opportunities (start-ups or early stage). They contribute with smart money, providing not only the financial backing, but also their own experience and business networking.

Business Angels like to mentor projects, while seeking both high profits and new challenges, preferably in their own country or region.

Most small and medium enterprises face a recurring problem: financing. Many use their own private capital or that of friends and family, or are forced to take out loans. Venture capital societies, on the other hand, are only interested in companies with some maturity. Is there a third option? There is – and many choose Business Angels as the ideal start-up financing solution.

These are individuals with the means to invest, who normally possess a significant amount of experience in creating new businesses, and know a good idea with potential when they see one.

It is aimed at innovative and differentiating projects that have significant growth potential in the global market.

1. Co-Investment Line of Business Angels and IFD

The business angels who wish to apply for this credit facility have 45 days to do so. The selection of applications will be made ​​within 30 days and the contracts signed on 60, ie a vehicle body shall be composed that necessarily have to collect three or more business angels.

Each of these entities can obtain a maximum funding of € 1.4 million , with 70% to the fund ‘s capital IFD , to create businesses and support them in the start-up phase.

As for strengthening of capital for companies to develop new products and services and innovative projects in terms of products, organization and marketing, each vehicle entity will have a maximum of 700,000 euros , with the same level of reimbursement.
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DNA Cascais supports the entrepreneur in developing the business plan for potential investors.