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DNA Cascais

We are a non-profit organization, named Agência DNA Cascais – Cascais, um Concelho Empreendedor (Cascais, an Entrepreneurial Municipality).

DNA Cascais’s aim is to contribute, using every adequate means, to the promotion, incentive and development of entrepreneurship in general, especially focusing on the promotion of social and young entrepreneurship in Cascais.

DNA Cascais acts mainly by developing skills and knowledge, and promoting and stimulating creativity and innovation, in an entrepreneurial environment. Below are some of the activities we do pertaining to this end:

a) Business Incubation ( more than 60 companies incubated);
b) Promoting idea competitions on entrepreneurhsip;
c) Create a Business Angels Club;
d) Create societies or venture capital funds aimed at entrepreneurship;
e) Organizing national and international seminars, conferences, field trips and similar events;
f) Professional internship programmes, in Portugal and abroad;
g) Elaboration of studies and publications;
h) International interchange of entrepreneurial information;
i) Promoting information and training events on entrepreneurship;
j) Joining or collaborating with other national or international organizations pursuing the same objectives;
k) Organizing or collaborating with other activities related to our goals;